Web Series: No. 4 – I'm asking for your vote.

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

O’Fallon’s April 2, 2019 election for our community’s City Council seats is just around the corner. I desire to continue to serve my constituents in Ward 3 to the best of my ability. I am now officially on the campaign trail! I am seeking to hold my seat and be elected for Ward 3’s three-year term. To be successful, I’ll need your support, and I need your vote April 2!

As such, many have asked me to share more information about myself – my experiences.

Across my life’s journey, each step I took, left a footprint of my actions, a record of my contributions, successes and even failures. Each turn built a road map of how closely I followed my beliefs and built my values. I look back with pride in knowing where I’ve been, but further, look forward to where our community can go.

Throughout my career and my efforts to serve our community, I have learned the keys to successful leadership and service are:

  • Listening First

  • Continuous Learning

  • and most importantly, Service Before Self.

It is with a hope to play a part in our future and to earn your votes, that I share my record as follows:

  • USAF – Retired, Lt./Colonel “Service Before Self” is the critical pillar for leading an important life.

  • McDonnell Douglas/Boeing – Director of Contracts (DOD and International Business) Daily, I participated in and learned the value of principled negotiations and building positive relationships.

  • Fire Truck O’Toys – Volunteer & Supporter My granddaughter’s 501(c)3 charity supporting hospitalized children in our St. Louis Community taught me the value of the journey, overcoming unknowns and odds and paying it forward, compassion and what truly matters in life.

  • Lindenwood and Fontbonne Universities – Adjunct Professor of Graduate Studies. Inspired my values in humility and continuous learning, a teacher’s greatest gift is learning from others – even the students.

  • WingHaven Home Owners’ Association – President: Inspired my value of volunteering and a commitment to enrich and serve the community.

  • Church Council – VP The importance of my faith journey will never end.

  • Salvation Army Bell Ringer, O’Fallon Walmart Hwy K – Volunteer Along with other City Council Members we witnessed first-hand the giving and caring nature of O’Fallon residents and their children, a community we all take pride in being a part of.

  • Missouri Municipal League – Member My role educated me to the specifics of effective City policies, regulations, state legislation and the issues with which other municipal leaders and officials struggle and their pending impacts on those municipalities.

  • O’Fallon Parks and Recreation Board – City Council Liaison Here I learned the importance of our community’s quality-of-life services and activities to our residents.

  • O”Fallon Veterans’ Commission – City Council Liaison Learned to appreciate the extraordinary service the Commission provides to our service members and their families, and the fantastic work from the Veteran Affairs Office in City Hall.

  • Ward 3 school’s DARE Graduation – Participant Saw the values of our proud families at work who have raised our youth to be bright, aware and understanding the dangers of drugs and benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Shaking each student’s hand as they graduated was an honor.

  • Lutheran High, Mexico Rd – Career Day Guest Speaker Saw a generation focused on a positive future as we discussed and explored many excellent career options right here in our community. Together, we have a bright tomorrow.

  • Most recently, in my ‘Green Bike” community tours throughout our Ward 3, I’ve had the chance to listen and learn what was on the minds of my constituents (and meet some nice pets along the way). In my stops, I've understood the impact of my promises, the importance accountability, responsibility and professionalism in my actions, conduct and words, and the importance to make every effort to be reachable to all.

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