Web Series: No. 3 – Ward 3 Message 1/1/19

Updated: Apr 7, 2020


In my Message No. 1 dated 11/12/18, I talked about the “need to adopt “flexible” and comprehensive traffic calming measures and minimize the impact of “through traffic” in residential neighborhoods. Solutions must take into account the needs for a specific area and exceptions considered.”

Oakhurst subdivision in Ward 3 has had constant problems with through traffic and speed. Residents and HOA Trustees presented this concern at the December 2018 City Council Meeting. In a very professional manner, they proposed five solutions to increase safety.

I will be requesting in writing in January 2019, that city staff takes action to review and implement the five proposed solutions. For the speed limit issue, I cite City Chapter 320.040 for justification:

"These speed limits may be lower in certain areas to provide for the safe passage of vehicles, safer ingress, and egress to the roadway, and to assure safer areas for pedestrians and bicycles to travel on or near the roadway."

For the through traffic issue and proposed solutions, I cite the City Comprehensive Plan at Page 77, Goal 23, Action 23.9:

Reduced Speed Limits in O'fallon MO
"Speed limits may be lower in certain areas to provide for the safe passage of vehicles."

“The City should seek to minimize the impacts of through traffic within residential neighborhoods by employing traffic management and traffic calming strategies such as roundabouts, reduced speed limits, and high fines for speeders.”


Wyndgate subdivision in Ward 3 has had continual concerns for quite some time about the safety at a particular intersection. The subdivision has communicated this concern to the City on multiple occasions. I requested a resident petition, and that is currently underway. Traffic studies have not convinced the public. In this particular case and circumstance, I move for immediate action and will be submitting an Ordinance for a 4-Way Stop to increase safety.


At times, parameters and traffic data seem to generate findings opposite that of what residents see and experience. Falling prey to "Metric Fixation" may lead to thinking that it is possible and desirable to replace or discount "Judgment" when applying numerical indicators based on standardized data. Not everything that is important is measurable. Driving habits and population have changed significantly in the last 5 years. The risks are greater.

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