Web Series: No. 2 – City Message 11/ 27 /18

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Infrastructure upgrades, Ward 2
Infrastructure upgrades in Ward 3 will continue to be a priority as our community continues to grow.

Infrastructure is a top priority as the city ages. One concern is that city street, alleys, curbs, and sidewalks will require increased attention for maintenance, repair, and replacement. A careful balance between budget revenues, expenditures, and cost control will be increasingly important in order to prioritize the needs and work schedules. Communication with residents must be open, transparent, and timely.

Economic Development is also a top priority. Any Economic “Incentives” provided to investors by the city must clearly demonstrate substantial and significant public benefits that will grow the local economy, provide jobs, and expand the tax base.

"Smart Growth," as I call it, is also a priority. I am in favor of "Mixed-Use" developments and communities where residents can live, play, work, shop, worship, dine and enjoy a pedestrian-friendly and safe, walkable environment. I would like to see "slower" traffic speeds around, near and thru residential areas so that pedestrians are more at ease walking near traffic. Where necessary, consider retrofitting a street to slow traffic. "Smart Growth" also means that traffic safety is an upfront priority for developers and planners.

Code 406 Complaints I received from residents and HOA Trustees about the lack of Right-Of-Way grounds restoration, repair, and clean-up after completion of contractor work in our neighborhoods led to my sponsorship of Bill 7021, a comprehensive review of Code 406, and enhanced standards for both Public and Private Interests. I am particularly proud that Bill 7021 was passed by the City Council to become Ordinance 6506. This Ordinance amended Municipal Code 406 related to standards for excavation and work affecting Right-Of-Way, Utility Lines, or other public interests. I am attaching Code 406 as a PDF document for those of you who would like to read the details. Pages 16-26 are particularly relevant. Download the entire document here.

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