Announcing my candidacy for Council Member Ward 3 City of O’Fallon Mo.

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

My Campaign Kick-off was on Oct 2, 2018. We had sixty (60) in attendance. I was

touched and honored to see so many I admire. I have learned from them all over the

years and I will always value their advice and counsel.

Mrs. Kara Klette opened the evening by singing God Bless America.

We followed with the Pledge Of Allegiance.

I want to share some of the remarks I made during my presentation.

Many decades ago I raised my right hand, and took the USAF Oath of Office as

a Commissioned Officer. That Oath continues to have deep meaning to me. It

seared into me a message and certain characteristics - these are my core


The message imbedded in this Oath is expressed in the Air Force Doctrine

which is:

"The Oath signifies commitment, accepting responsibility for your actions,

integrity first because without integrity the moral pillar of our core values is

lost, and Service Before Self. It signifies that your word is your bond, that

you promise to give it your all, and Excellence in all you do, and finally it ends

with a call to a higher being or divine agency to assist with ensuring your own

integrity and honesty."

“Service Before Self”.

In 1910, President Theodore Roosevelt gave a 35 page speech titled

Citizenship in a Republic. In that speech, there was a powerful

passage referred to as: “The Man In the Arena”. Its message is also one of

Service Before Self.

The Oath I took many decades ago, along with the inspiration from the above

referenced passage, are the fundamentals that instilled the confidence to

announce my candidacy for Council Member Ward 3 City of O’Fallon Mo. I want

to be your “Man In the Arena”. I want to continue to serve and I want to

continue to get better at it. Many here know what its like to be the “Man in the

Arena”. You know what its like to be marred by dust and sweat, and blood.

The Democratic Process needs us - it is messy at times, it isn’t always perfect

(but we are not perfect people). The citizen is the critical component in the

democratic process. Winston Churchill once said:

“ the bottom of all the tributes paid to democracy is the little man, walking

into the little booth, with a little pencil, making a little cross, on a little bit of


The views, opinions, and concerns of our citizens must be heard and acted on.

The views, opinions, and concerns of those who are investing in our City, and

building the future of our city must be heard and acted on. I will listen to all

parties with an open mind, evaluate economic proposals without bias, search for

smart innovation, pursue (significant & substantial benefits) for both the City and

residents, do my homework, and get informed.

Our residents don’t expect perfection, but they do expect honesty, commitment,

responsiveness, and a Council Member to be their advocate, to be visible, and


Let me introduce another special guest - my GREEN BICYCLE. Many miles of

visiting, listening, talking to residents of Ward 3 AND MAKING MYSELF VISIBLE


Dale Kling Ward 3 Speech highlights.  Green Bike.
Dale Kling Introduces his special guest, "The Green Bike" at his announcement of candidacy.

What do I hear?

I hear, among other things, the need for traffic safety, traffic calming, less

congestion, more commercial amenities, streets/curbs/sidewalks maintained,

more bicycle/walkable trails, and pedestrian safety,

Another critical component in the democratic process is the simple question:

  • What is the right thing to do?

  • What is in the best interests of our citizens and for the sustainability of our great City of O’Fallon?

I promise to you, that I will search hard for the Right Thing To Do.

I promise to you, that I will emphasize Governance Over Politics.

In conclusion, attendees were asked to complete a form and identify their top

priorities/concerns for 2019, 2020, 2021.

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